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Last Updated on September 19, 2021

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  2. Expedition by the details
  3. Location of Rome city
  4. High view of Rome Termini train Station
  5. Map of La Spezia Migliarina city
  6. Sky view of La Spezia Migliarina train Station
  7. Map of the road between Rome and La Spezia Migliarina
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Travel information about Rome and La Spezia Migliarina

We googled the online to find the absolute best ways to go by trains from these 2 cities, Rome, and La Spezia Migliarina and we saw that the easiest way is to start your train travel is with these stations, Rome Termini and La Spezia Migliarina.

Travelling between Rome and La Spezia Migliarina is an amazing experience, as both cities have memorable show-places and sights.

Expedition by the details
Base Fare€30.42
Highest Fare€30.42
Savings between the Maximum and Minimum trains Fare0%
Amount of Trains a day31
Morning train04:48
Evening train22:58
Distance422 km
Standard Travel timeFrom 4h 7m
Departing PlaceRome Termini
Arriving PlaceLa Spezia Migliarina
Document descriptionMobile
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Rome Termini Rail station

As the next step, you have to order a ticket for your travel by train, so here are some best prices to get by train from the stations Rome Termini, La Spezia Migliarina:

Save A Train business is located in The Netherlands
Virail startup is based in The Netherlands
B-Europe company is based in Belgium
Only train company is based in Belgium

Rome is a lovely place to visit so we would like to share with you some facts about it that we have gathered from Wikipedia

Rome is the capital city and a special comune of Italy, as well as the capital of the Lazio region. The city has been a major human settlement for almost three millennia. With 2,860,009 residents in 1,285 km², it is also the country’s most populated comune.

Map of Rome city from Google Maps

High view of Rome Termini train Station

La Spezia Migliarina Train station

and also about La Spezia Migliarina, again we decided to bring from Google as its probably the most accurate and reliable source of information about thing to do to the La Spezia Migliarina that you travel to.

La Spezia is a port city in Liguria, Italy. Its 1800s maritime arsenal and the Technical Naval Museum, with ship models and navigational instruments, attest to the city’s seafaring heritage. The hilltop St. George’s Castle houses an archaeological museum with artifacts from prehistory to the Middle Ages. The nearby Amedeo Lia Museum exhibits paintings, bronze sculptures and illuminated miniatures in a former convent.

Location of La Spezia Migliarina city from Google Maps

Bird’s eye view of La Spezia Migliarina train Station

Map of the travel between Rome and La Spezia Migliarina

Travel distance by train is 422 km

Money used in Rome is Euro – €

Italy currency

Currency used in La Spezia Migliarina is Euro – €

Italy currency

Electricity that works in Rome is 230V

Voltage that works in La Spezia Migliarina is 230V

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We appreciate you reading our recommendation page about travelling and train travelling between Rome to La Spezia Migliarina, and we hope that our information will help you in planning your train trip and making wiser decisions, have fun


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