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Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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  2. Expedition by the details
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  4. High view of Koblenz Central Station
  5. Map of Hanover city
  6. Sky view of Hanover Central Station
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Travel information about Koblenz and Hanover

We searched the internet to find the best ways to travel by trains between these 2 cities, Koblenz, and Hanover and we found that the best way is to start your train travel is with these stations, Koblenz Central Station and Hanover Central Station.

Travelling between Koblenz and Hanover is an superb experience, as both cities have memorable show-places and sights.

Expedition by the details
Bottom Amount€12.9
Highest Amount€12.9
Savings between the Maximum and Minimum trains Fare0%
Amount of Trains a day46
Earliest train01:15
Latest train23:46
Distance398 km
Median Travel timeFrom 3h 46m
Departing LocationKoblenz Central Station
Arriving LocationHanover Central Station
Document descriptionElectronic
Available every day✔️

Koblenz Railway station

As the next step, you have to order a train ticket for your travel, so here are some good prices to get by train from the stations Koblenz Central Station, Hanover Central Station:

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Koblenz is a great city to travel so we would like to share with you some information about it that we have collected from Tripadvisor

Koblenz, spelled Coblenz before 1926, is a German city on the banks of the Rhine and of the Moselle, a multi-nation tributary. Koblenz was established as a Roman military post by Drusus around 8 B.C. Its name originates from the Latin cōnfluentēs, meaning ” confluence”.

Location of Koblenz city from Google Maps

Sky view of Koblenz Central Station

Hanover Railway station

and also about Hanover, again we decided to bring from Wikipedia as its probably the most accurate and reliable source of information about thing to do to the Hanover that you travel to.

Hanover is the capital and largest city of the German state of Lower Saxony. Its 535,061 inhabitants make it the 13th-largest city in Germany as well as the third-largest city in Northern Germany after Hamburg and Bremen.

Map of Hanover city from Google Maps

Sky view of Hanover Central Station

Map of the road between Koblenz and Hanover

Total distance by train is 398 km

Money accepted in Koblenz are Euro – €

Germany currency

Money used in Hanover is Euro – €

Germany currency

Voltage that works in Koblenz is 230V

Power that works in Hanover is 230V

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Thank you for you reading our recommendation page about traveling and train traveling between Koblenz to Hanover, and we hope that our information will help you in planning your train trip and making educated decisions, have fun


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